Living to travel and living without travel

Update June, 2023

Well I’ve been pondering for awhile over just deleting the content below, making a new landing page altogether or just adding new content. I decided just to add a bit since what I wrote in 2021 still influences what we are doing now and I didn’t want to bury it.

So…in 2022 we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary and used that as a great excuse to get back to travel. We went on an organized trip to Spain and Portugal, a two month road trip through France meeting up with friends and family along the way, and finally a two week long road trip in Tuscany and Umbria. We did contract the dread Covid in France, but it wasn’t that bad. We believe that actually getting a mild case of Covid and being fortified with every single vaccine available to us, we seem ridiculously healthy. A subsequent trip back to France in May 2023–which I actually did write about!– was incident-free. At least health-wise.

But alas our finances do not allow us to keep that pace up indefinitely. We are not done yet, but perhaps we have slowed down a bit. Hoping for an adventure in Scotland at the end of September, and then what? Who knows?

February, 2021

Late winter used to be the time when we set sails for warmer climes, preferably those very far away. South Africa, Morocco, Egypt and Southeast Asia, for example. But now it is a time when all of us have hit pause on travel–both domestic and international. So gazing out at the snowy Connecticut landscape before me, my photos and memories have become my muse. It is a delight to sort through my notes and my pictures to complete some posts that I should have written, well, three years ago!

Here’s the Lure of the Nile from 2019 and Majestic Morocco from 2018

I also plan to add some sections that are more static and less linear than a blog, about hopes and plans for the future, and lessons learned from the past. Once I figure out how!

In the interim, here is a little slide show of some of the places we have visited since I retired from teaching over 8 years ago.

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