Back to normal–almost!

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Despite a nightly battle with Comcast (we have internet but our big TV has been getting sicker and sicker) we are spending our first evening feeling we are indeed, home again. Partly to welcome Maggie on her first visit to our home without Margaret, and partly to thank Marsha and Dennis for their hospitality while we were homeless (or at least toiletless), we are making one of our favorite comfort food meals – Osso buco! I have used this recipe from Epicurious for years, and it’s always a hit. It’s one of those dishes that really benefit from being made the day before and my favorite tactic is to forget it in the oven! The first time this happened, Ray had wandered by and seeing the oven on, turned it off. I was typically oblivous and had completely forgotten  that I had left it in the oven. So I went to bed. At 2:00 am I awoke in terror. “OMG! The osso buco!”

I scurried to the kitchen in the dark and carefully lifted the pot out of the oven. Sure smelled good. I put it in the fridge and the next evening, it was magnificent! I was hoping for the same result tonight, although I didn’t repeat the forgetful part, so it might not be quite as good. But if you are thinking of making it, do not skip the gremolata. The lemon and parsley balance the richness of the stew perfectly. To accompany it, the recipe suggests polenta, but I have not been too successful making it, so I make a simple risotto with onions, parmesan, chicken broth and a tiny bit of saffron. A salad, some bread and voilà!

Ray, Marsha and Maggie sampling cheese

As I was making the risotto, everyone sat around the island and sampled the cheeses Ray had bought at Whole Foods. One, a blue from Bourgogne was particularly good. What was it called? Good question, we will return and buy some more to find out. (Update: It’s called Persillé du Beaujolais) For our red wine we had a simple but delicious Toscana (2007) from Villa Antinori. No time to make dessert, so I bought a lemon meringue pie from the Vernon Diner, and everyone seemed to like it, but I wish I had had time to make my own…