Waterkloof: Biodynamic vineyard and world class restaurant

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Waterkloof was our raison d’être–that is, our original idea to come to South Africa was because of Ray’s relationship with the son of the owner. Unlike the grand old vineyard estates closer to Stellenbosch, which closely resembled those in Napa or in France, Waterkloof is at once ultra-modern and really old-fashioned. This biodynamic farm uses horses to plow its fields, has replaced invasive species with native plants, and composts all the waste from its restaurants using vermicomposting – that is, composting with worms! The farm manager, Christian, is so proud of their endeavors, that he could talk for hours about it. Literally. It was interesting, and the farm is beautiful, but take me to the restaurant!! The young winemaker, Nadia, was lovely and adores France, so that helped balance me a bit. It turns out that even though South Africa is amazing, France is not to be demeaned. We tasted the wines in the gorgeous bar, and then were treated to a full six plus course degustation menu with accompanying wines. Yes, the servings were small, but exquisite, and the wines were perfectly paired. The all glass restaurant overlooking the vineyards and False Bay is perhaps the most beautiful restaurant I have ever been in. I can’t actually think of one that comes close.