Scottish Fling 2023 part 1 First day in Edinburgh

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Our normal air travel routine was to drive to Boston, park at Pre-Flight Parking and hop on one of their numerous shuttles into Logan. But now that Aer Lingus is flying out of Bradley, we have a new gig! We hired a driver that neighbors told us about, and Dave drove us to the airport and picked us up in our own car and it only cost $50 round trip! We are not huge fans of Aer Lingus in general, and the food is really horrid, but it got us to Edinburgh (via Dublin) safely with minimal stress. And so convenient!

The sun was actually shining when we arrived in the early morning. Customs was non-existent even though we were going from Europe (Dublin) to the UK post Brexit. Our baggage arrived promptly –I’m a big fan of using only one airline when direct flights are not possible–and we wheeled our two lightweight bags through the airport to the other end where the tram to the city was waiting. We purchased tickets at the machine (about $8.00 a piece) and hopped aboard. In about 25 minutes we we descended at Picardy Place in front of the Sherlock Holmes statue and across from our hotel. By the way, our Google Maps kept track of the stops and let us know when to get off. I mean, it was pretty evident anyway, but it was nice to have the extra level of security.

Our plan, slightly modified from the original, called for us to head to Newcastle the following morning we decided to stay at the Courtyard by Marriott.  I was confident the bed would be good, and since I am a loyal customer, I get lots of points, hence frequent free nights. When we returned to Edinburgh for a few nights at the end of our trip, we got an Airbnb in an even better location, but honestly, we are less and less enamored with apartment rentals. They have become more expensive, and somehow making our own meals has become less attractive. At least in the cooler months and in big cities, we prefer the hustle and bustle (and dependably good beds) of hotels.

On our first day we had time for a stroll along the park and then over to the neighborhood of Leith where we had a well-deserved lunch at a lively bar called Teuchters!


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