Back to normal–almost!

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Despite a nightly battle with Comcast (we have internet but our big TV has been getting sicker and sicker) we are spending our first evening feeling we are indeed, home again. Partly to welcome Maggie on her first visit to our home without Margaret, and partly to thank Marsha and Dennis for their hospitality while we were homeless (or at… Read more »

Exiled on the North Shore – don’t cry!

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Having returned briefly to Connecticut, and finding the welcome, well, not warm, we gathered some more clothes and zoomed off on a new adventure. We headed to the Marriott in Woburn, which is convenient, clean, cheap and gives me extra points for a free night somewhere, sometime soon. Feeling the need to take a break from the fine dining scene,… Read more »

Escape to Providence! – a winter’s tale

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Trees over power lines on Crystal Lake Road The Surprise Halloween storm of 2011 brought 12″ of snow to Tolland. Ray and I, knowing there would be snow, had planned on a quiet weekend of hiking, snowshoeing and putting our house back in order after the whirlwind French Exchange. Well, we got the hiking in on Saturday morning, but then… Read more »


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Waiting to go to the airport, to be followed by waiting to get to the airport, waiting in the airport, waiting in the plane! After 20 or 30 trips like this, how can I still be so EXCITED!!!!:-D – Posted using BlogPress from my iPad Location:Northport NY