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A la recherche du temps perdu

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Like so many others, our plans for travel in 2020 were thrown into disarray. It hardly seems right to complain, since so many people have suffered real pain and loss, whereas our only pain is that of gentle sorrow. And yet, I find myself wistful. This year we were at long last to lead our son, his wife and their… Read more »

A mostly Scottish yuletide or 12 days of Christmas in the UK

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Christmas is admittedly a family holiday. However, now that we have grown children with families of their own, it sometimes occurs that our kids need to be with the families of their spouses on the west coast. It’s only fair. But it is kind of a bummer. This year, rather than staying home and moping, or trying to pretend we’re… Read more »

The big, big European Road Trip of 2017

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I have struggled with writing about such a big experience in the normal blog format. Too many photos, too many places! But I came across this travel journaling app called Polar Steps and I think it does what I need. I was not happy with the way it posts directly to Facebook but I’m pretty pleased with the embed link… Read more »

Joyeux Noël!

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Every Christmas since nineteen-seventy something I have made at least one bûche de Noel. This year possibly three. Or four. And since a few years ago I made a how-to slide presentation I thought I’d just make it available to my friends

Drama in Dijon

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The last time we were in Dijon was in 1979! Since then, we have often read what a great place it is, and seriously considered it for a longterm stay. Problem is we are such gypsies, and when it came down to it we couldn’t see ourselves staying anywhere for too long! We are beginning to reconsider now that we… Read more »

Escape from the Valley of the Temples

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Sicily has the right to be the proud of its stunning collection of ancient Greek and Roman-Hellenistic temples dating from the 6th century before the Christian era. The settings are majestic, the artistry is admirable and the colossal dimensions are a wonder. It is so cool to be able to climb through many of them and imagine what it might have… Read more »

Driving in Italy

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The DIY approach to travel has long been our favorite, and that makes driving ourselves one of the best ways to do it. You go exactly where you want to go, exactly when. No waiting in train stations or in lines at the airport. No tour directors telling you what to see when, or arriving in a restaurant with a… Read more »

Veneto – bellisimo! Part 1: Trieste

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Continuing our journey through some of the underrated cities of Europe, our Slovenian friends drove us to Trieste – sort of like driving to, oh, maybe New Haven. After three vineyards and one enormous lunch we arrived to the evening light that has so captivated artists throughout the centuries. We were not immune. Yes, a little gritty around the edges,… Read more »

Along the Dalmatian Coast

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  When our daughter invited us to join her and her family in Croatia we jumped at the chance! Our last trip to the country formerly known as Yugoslavia was in 1972 when we camped along the coast before driving inland and south to Greece and Turkey. At the time, it was not only a barren and rocky landscape, but… Read more »