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Food glorious food!

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Over the years, we have had some animated discussions about the food in England with our friend Alex. He and his wife Sheila  insisted that the food was good here. Not being a fan of mushy peas, I begged to differ. Okay, so maybe I’ve been won over–although I’m still not a fan of mushy peas. Lately, we have had… Read more »

Escape from the Valley of the Temples

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Sicily has the right to be the proud of its stunning collection of ancient Greek and Roman-Hellenistic temples dating from the 6th century before the Christian era. The settings are majestic, the artistry is admirable and the colossal dimensions are a wonder. It is so cool to be able to climb through many of them and imagine what it might have… Read more »


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Waiting to go to the airport, to be followed by waiting to get to the airport, waiting in the airport, waiting in the plane! After 20 or 30 trips like this, how can I still be so EXCITED!!!!:-D – Posted using BlogPress from my iPad Location:Northport NY